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Insulation Tinsulate® is a family of various insulating materials specially designed for all weather conditions, from cool autumn days to severe Siberian winters.

We only use the original Thinsulate® material manufactured by 3M

The insulation Tinsulate® retains air molecules between the human body and the environment. The more air molecules the heater keeps in one cubic centimeter, the better its thermal insulation properties. Since the microfibers of Tinsulate ™ insulation are much thinner than those of other synthetic insulators, they hold more air in a smaller volume. As a result, Tinsulate® insulation is the best insulation. Breathable. Does not absorb moisture, hydrophobic. It is possible to wash and hand over to a dry cleaner.
Tinsulate® insulation is a whole family of various materials specially designed for all weather conditions, from cool autumn days to severe Siberian winters.

What makes Tinsulate® insulation so effective?
It's all about the fibers. Unique microfibers of insulation Tinsulate® is 10 times thinner than other synthetic insulators. This means that they better "connect" the air ... and more effectively keep the heat, providing maximum comfort. This also means that in one cubic centimeter can be placed much more fibers. Thus, microfibers are able to retain significantly more body heat.
Neither repeated washing, nor dry-cleaning significantly affect the heat-shielding properties of Tinsulate® insulation. Numerous tests have proven that the average Clo (thermal protection unit) remains relatively constant even after repeated washing and dry cleaning.

Tinsulate® insulation is the best choice for those who care about warmth and comfort. When comparing heat packs of the same thickness, thin insulation Tinsulate® is 1.5 times warmer than down and twice as warm as other quality insulants.

Гарантия - ограниченная гарантия распространяется на все производимые нами изделия два месяца со дня продажи. Мы гарантируем качество материалов и работы. Мы принимаем наши старые изделия и предоставляем Вам скидку 15% на приобретение новых подобных изделий.


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