«Почему наши изделия лучшие?
Потому что мы используем только материалы
и фурнитуру лучших в мире производителей.»



POLARTEC LLC - inventor and holder of patents for the unique fleece fabric. The American manufacturing company of innovative fabrics POLARTEC, WINDBLOCK, THERMAL PRO, POWER DRY.
We have a license to use POLARTEC and produce only from original fabric.

We use only original fabric POLARTEC

Polartec is a knitted polyester material with a fleece is often produced with the addition of other types of Lycra fibers, cotton, wool, nylon and rayon. By softness fibers do not differ from conventional yarns, and are not damaged during washing and wear. Each villus is hollow, has a complex structure and, in general, the fabric mimics Arctic animals. Common properties for all types of material- light, warm and "breathable". Principle: dry heat effect is achieved through a high degree of ventilation and low moisture absorption rate.

Since Polartec developed for the production of very different clothes, from the top down to his underwear, fabric weight is divided into groups, with their own brand name and very different specific properties.

Polartec fabric in their ability to store heat is not inferior wool. However, it is much easier, faster drying, does not absorb moisture, protects against wind, light rain and snow, well removes moisture from the body, is very durable and, most importantly, easy to wash. All these properties are required Polartec fabric family use several advanced technologies: polyester microfiber special weaving fabrics and original finishing.

Polyester microfibre for manufacture Polartec produces DuPont company - the world leader in the chemical industry. Microfiber has a very small thickness, so the necessary unit area of ​​the individual fibers is much larger than in ordinary fabrics. This tissue inside are a plurality of air cavities, which provide a special microclimate under the cloth. In this cavity is not closed, and the water vapor come out easily. Polyester, which is made of micro - fiber, different near-zero water absorption and very low wettability, so Polartec almost does not absorb water and not get wet under a fine rain. On the outer surface of the fiber fabric to form a very dense structure and water drops do not penetrate the fabric. Microfiber is very pleasant to the touch, non-allergenic and very wear-resistant.

Гарантия - ограниченная гарантия распространяется на все производимые нами изделия два месяца со дня продажи. Мы гарантируем качество материалов и работы. Мы принимаем наши старые изделия и предоставляем Вам скидку 15% на приобретение новых подобных изделий.


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