«Почему наши изделия лучшие?
Потому что мы используем только материалы
и фурнитуру лучших в мире производителей.»



KEVLAR® - aramid fiber for protection against firearms, knife, shrapnel wounds and high temperatures. We use in our manufacture of armor plates KEVLAR for bulletproof vests, helmets c waterproof coating and in the manufacture of gloves - knitted fabric.

KEVLAR® - aramid fiber (polyparaphenylene terephthalamide), manufactured by DuPont company. Kevlar has high strength (tensile strength σ0 = 3620 MPa). Kevlar was first obtained by a group of Stephanie Kwolek - American chemist employee of DuPont in 1964, the production technology was developed in 1965, since the beginning of the 1970s started commercial production.

Aramid fiber DUPONT ™ KEVLAR® allows you to achieve more. It increases the safety and durability of clothing, accessories and equipment. Lightweight, durable and extremely resistant to the effects. Aramid fiber KEVLAR® is widely used in the production of armor for protection against firearms, stab and shrapnel wounds, and constantly improving, allowing the heroes always remain heroes. It is also used for the equipment used in the open space.

Kevlar retains strength and elasticity at low temperatures down to cryogenic (-196 ° C), furthermore, it even becomes slightly stronger at low temperatures. When heated Kevlar does not melt but decomposes at relatively high temperatures (430-480 ° C). The decomposition temperature depends on the heating rate and the duration of the effect of temperature. At elevated temperatures (above 150 ° C) Kevlar strength decreases over time. For example, at a temperature of 160 ° C the tensile strength decreases by 10-20% after 500 hours. At 250 ° C 50% Kevlar loses its strength for 70 hours.

Гарантия - ограниченная гарантия распространяется на все производимые нами изделия два месяца со дня продажи. Мы гарантируем качество материалов и работы. Мы принимаем наши старые изделия и предоставляем Вам скидку 15% на приобретение новых подобных изделий.


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