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Потому что мы используем только материалы
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eVent is an advanced three-layer membrane. Direct Ventilation ™ technology allows the fabric to be completely waterproof and fully breathable, allowing you to be dry in a wide range of temperatures and conditions.
eVent is a membrane fabric developed using a new technology. To protect the fine-pored membrane from the natural vapours of human skin, dirt-repellent impregnations are used. Typically, a polyurethane dirt repellent layer is used on one side of the membrane. That is, the process of evaporation occurs in two stages: the condensation of vapor into the liquid and penetration into the membrane, and the passage of liquid through the polyurethane layer.

In the membrane eVENT, the basis of the membrane itself is PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, i.e. Teflon), which chemically changes to give the membrane the ability to repel fat compounds. This is due to a special molecular coating, which protects each fiber separately. Thus, due to this coating, the membrane is never contaminated, and its pores always remain open. The pores of the membrane itself do not allow water to enter into the interior, while the evaporation of the moisture brings out unimpeded outward without condensation inside the material.

Гарантия - ограниченная гарантия распространяется на все производимые нами изделия два месяца со дня продажи. Мы гарантируем качество материалов и работы. Мы принимаем наши старые изделия и предоставляем Вам скидку 15% на приобретение новых подобных изделий.


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